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About Us

We are Peter and Lynn Verhoeff. Together, we founded the Small Business Prosperity Company. The purpose of our company is to help Entrepreneurs and Professionals flourish and prosper with the Internet.


Peter: “I have a background in electronic engineering and I became familiar with computer hardware and software long before personal computers appeared on the market.

“I have programmed computers in numerous programming languages and am also an accomplished Technical Writer.

“In recent years I have been much involved in Web design and implementation, database development and many more Web-related topics. Small business is the cornerstone of a prosperous nation and I want to apply what I know to help businesses succeed.”


Lynn: “My teaching background includes successfully training minority students in computer technology for employment at a major computer corporation. I also have experience in customer training and database design.

“I have held executive positions at several software development corporations. A corporate background that has stood me in good stead in later years as a small business owner. I have also worked as a consultant to Health Professionals and understand the workings of the small health care practice.

“I am a true ‘people person’ with a strong marketing background and I love to write. I hold a B.A. - U.E.D. (Bachelor of Arts - University Education Diploma). Helping businesses succeed really ‘floats my boat’.”