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Hi, as CEO of Small Business Prosperity I offer my services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have decades of experience in computer hardware, software, programming, Web design and technical writing.


I shifted from computer hardware into programming. The programming languages I learned include machine language, assembly language, BASIC, COBOL, Fortran, Forth, C and C++. When the World Wide Web came along, I soon became proficient at HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP and mySQL.


I published several technical articles in Forth Dimensions magazine, as well as a number of online articles for different companies. I also became a Technical Writer for Diskeeper Corporation, working primarily on User's Manuals. More recently, creating web page content, e-books, e-mail newsletters and blog posts have been added to my repertoire. Click here to read a course introduction I wrote.

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Web Sites

When the Web became popular in the 1990s, I learned HTML and soon began creating my own websites. Creating web pages is a lot of fun and I learned about databases, interactive pages, cascading style sheets, JavaScript and more. Among my more recent creations are www.picturelady.com and www.smallbusinessprosperity.com.

When designing Picture Lady I mastered databases and shopping carts. With Small Business Prosperity I learned and mastered the use of customized "tooltips" where you run the mouse over a line for more info.

Most recently I have learned the techniques needed to make a website phone friendly. Picture Lady is a completed product (you may go ahead and view it on a smart-phone) I am now making Small Business Prosperity phone friendly.


Contact me about your needs and wants, so I can write you a proposal. I should be able to give you an excellent deal. Also check out our specials at www.smallbusinessprosperity.com/packages.htm.

Contact Information

My contact information is shown at the bottom of this page. The best way to reach me is by e-mail. To avoid machine-created spam, I do not display my e-mail address here. Instead, when e-mailing me for the first time, click the Email link below; this will take you to a more secure entry form, which achieves the same result.

If you wish to write to me, use the PO Box number below, because the Post Office does not deliver mail in the small mountain community where I live.

Peter Verhoeff - PO Box 5444 Frazier Park, CA 93222 - Email - Phone: (213) 281-2402

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