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Providing investment, finance, credit, goods, services, premises, or as a potential buyer of a small business- protect yourself with a comprehensive 360-degree Due Diligence Report on a small business.

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Future-Proofing Small Business’ Prosperity.

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45 Years experience as a successful entrepreneur & business advisor

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I cover the following topics to illustrate that business prosperity is only part of overall prosperity

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You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate

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If you are interested, here are some reviews on Amazon.com for How to Live in the Now.

How to Live in the Now - Review¹

¹ Blend of full spiritual truths. Explanation of Now is far superior than other authors including Eckhart Tolle. I understood many new truths.

– Dr V Senapathi Ph.D

How to Live in the Now - Review²

² If you are on a spiritual path, looking for deeper truths, or have been studying non-duality for a period of time, this book is for you. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down.
Overall, this book answers many questions for a spiritual seeker. However, the book is not authoritative and conclusions are left up to the reader. This book will melt your heart, and it is very accessible.
It is also a great resource for those seeking self-love and healing. Mr. Berkowitz is truly a friend of humanity, and reading this resource will fill you with gratitude.

– Verified Amazon Customer

How to Live in the Now - Review³

³ I just finished reading this book and I absolutely loved it. It left me with many answers and a new outlook on life. If you want to learn to live in the Now this book will show you how.
There is so much inspiration in this book. If you want to find happiness, joy, meaning in life, or just what it is to live Now, this is the book for you. Everything in the book is very helpful for living. The author did not sugar-coat anything. Just told it like it is.
I would recommend this book to any and everyone, especially the ones who are looking for something better. So if you want to take a journey to the Now choose this book. I promise you will not be disappointed

– Pam

How to Live in the Now - Review⁴

⁴ I love this book. If you have been searching for awareness, this book will guide you. l have never felt so peaceful, so attuned to life, God’s space, living in the present. This will serve as my go-to book whenever I feel I need a reminder. The author’s repetition of key points really reinforces the concepts. Are you coming from Ego or Soul? Helps put everything into perspective. Highly uplifting!

– Sue M.

How to Live in the Now - Review⁵

⁵ Reading this book is the answer to changing your life from stressful to calmness and awareness. A must read for everyone!

– Emmaaval

How to Live in the Now - Review⁶

⁶ Loved this book. One of the best books I’ve read. It’s a great resource to help anyone let go and live in the moment.

– Marie

How to Live in the Now - Review⁷

⁷ A book I will read over and over!!!

– Kkiepke


Whether or not you decide to future-proof and increase the prosperity of your business by using my Proactive Strategic and Advisory services, I wish you well.

I express the same sentiments to you, as a Stakeholder, or potential Buyer/Investor whether or not you decide to utilize my offer to provide you with a 360-degree, unbiased and independent Due Diligence Report on a small business where you have a current or potential vested interest.

May the wind always be at your back during the extremely tough times ahead.
Remember, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

With my best wishes,
Neville Berkowitz
Founder- SmallBusinessProsperity.com

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