About Neville Berkowitz

I am bringing my 45 years of experience as a small business entrepreneur, strategic business advisor, and author to help you.

Pleased to meet you…

I have come out of retirement to help one or more people in the orbit of small businesses to survive and prosper during the tough economic times ahead in 2023-2028.

If I can help one, and hopefully, more than one person, to avoid the catastrophic failure of their small business, the psychological damage to them, and their families, the loss of their money, maybe even losing their home, and possibly the bankruptcy, that could follow, then it’s worth my decision to come out of retirement after 52 years of a working career.

I intend to ensure that the people I advise survive and prosper during 2023-2028 when we will likely suffer through a recession, stagflation, and a successive low-growth economy.

My experience in assisting you

I have been a successful small business Entrepreneur, Proactive Strategic Business Advisor and Author for over 45 years.

As an Entrepreneur, I have been involved in various local and global industries. I have been a Researcher, Forecaster, Global Real Estate Economist, Institutional Strategic Investment Advisor, Negotiator, Strategic Business Advisor, Investor, Real Estate Developer, Internet Business Developer, Publisher, Media Commentator, and Conference Speaker.

Through accurate research and forecasting, I have also been an Opportunistic Investor across numerous industries, locally and globally.

As a Business Advisor, my clients have included Government, Investment Institutions, Investors, Funders, Developers, Associations, Corporations, Small Business Owners, and high-net-worth individuals – locally and globally.

Before I retired from the global stage, Neville Berkowitz Global Associates operated in seventeen countries on five continents.

As an Author, I wrote and published over 100 investment advisory journals- The Property Economist (1980-1995) for my client base of over 1000 investors, developers, funders, and others involved in the general economy and the property (real estate) industry.

I authored and co-published the quarterly publications Economic Review of South Africa and Manufacturing Review of South Africa.

I am also the Author of 23 free books published on my author website, personalempowerment.co, which has a Facebook following of over 1.3 million people.

My extensive hands-on 45 years of experience as a small business entrepreneur (with many sleepless nights!), as an advisor to many clients worldwide, and the knowledge I have shared through my various journals, publications, and books position me to be able to help you, whether you are a small business owner, a potential small business owner, a stakeholder in a small business, or any other role.

One thing I know about small businesses is that happiness is a positive cash flow!

Real Estate Economics, Consulting, and Development – Entrepreneur, Adviser, and Author

I created Neville Berkowitz and Associates, Consulting Real Estate Economists and Advisors, in 1977 and was a pioneer of real estate economics in South Africa.

I have been a Consulting Real Estate Economist and Adviser to a large client base that I developed by writing and publishing a monthly research and forecasting investment journal, The Property Economist (1980-1995). I wrote over 100 investment journals for my client base.

In addition, I have been an Institutional Advisor to leading Pension Funds and Insurance Companies. Having created a national investment strategy, I also negotiated and invested my institutional clients’ funds in hundreds of properties.

I became a Real Estate Developer from 1994 onwards, focusing on secure residential and commercial estates.

From 1980-to 1994, I was used extensively by the media as an unbiased and independent researcher, forecaster, and commentator on the real estate industry in South Africa. I frequently appeared in the print, TV, and Radio broadcast media and was a sought-after speaker at conferences. Becoming a Developer in 1994, I felt that I was no longer unbiased and independent, and I stood down as a media commentator.

During the early 1990s, to better advise my Institutional Clients’ global plans, I expanded my research and forecasting advisory business to create Neville Berkowitz Global Associates, in association with research-based Consultancy Firms in seventeen countries on five continents.

In 2001, with the Internet emerging as the future of information sharing, Neville Berkowitz Global Associates created a Google no.1 ranked commercial real estate research information portal covering over 100 countries- ResearchWorldwide.com. In 2007, this business was sold to a Swiss Investor for the website’s valuable content.

At that time, due to an intentional slowdown in my international workload, I stood back from Neville Berkowitz Global Associates, encouraging the Global Associates to work among themselves.

Economics, Manufacturing, and Construction industries- Advisor and author

I conceived, created, researched, wrote, and co-published the quarterly publications, The Economic Review of South Africa and the Manufacturing Review of South Africa. During the 1980s, I was in a publishing partnership with Finance Week, then the second-largest financial magazine in South Africa.

In 1983 I was appointed by the Building Industry Federation of South Africa to represent them on the Building Advisory Committee, reporting to The Office of the Prime Minister of South Africa.

Internet-based research and development

Since 1999, I have also been a pioneer of Internet-based research and development. During the first two decades of the 21st Century, I introduced Internet-based researched solutions to traditional business applications and practices in real estate, human resources, mentorship, marketing, writing, and publishing.

Author of 23 free books and 1.3 million Facebook followers

One of my hobbies is writing free books to empower people.
My author website Personal Empowerment already has 23 free books I have written and published since 2013. I share these free books with 1.3 million followers of the site’s Facebook page, Path to Personal Empowerment.

One of my books, How to Live in the Now, was placed on Amazon.com in 2015 as a free book.
As of March 2022, there were 110 reviews on Amazon.com, of which 58% were 5-star reviews, and 19% were 4-star reviews.
This book has a 4.2 out of 5 Rating on Amazon.com.

In addition, I researched, compiled, and published a 964-page leather-bound book, 5000 Years of Wisdom. A University in South Africa awards it to their Ph.D. students at their graduation.


In 2021 together with my son, Jonathan, we created WikiNotables.com, a research-based business to assist specific target markets through promotion on Wikipedia. Additionally, we assist public relations businesses by creating Ad-Hoc and “Deep- Dive” research reports for their media releases and Thought Leadership requirements. Furthermore, human resources clients are assisted via a due diligence process of verifying job candidates’ information.

A new business partner now manages WikiNotables.com freeing me to have time to assist small business owners in surviving and being prosperous in the recession, possible stagflation, and subsequent low growth economy ahead.


Early in 2022, I felt a strong calling to advise small business owners to prosperously navigate the extremely tough times ahead during the post- Covid period and the recession, possible stagflation, and subsequent low growth economy.

Stakeholders and potential Buyers/Investors in small businesses also need my advice in providing an unbiased and independent Due Diligence process to initially assess the possibility of future-proofing a small business. If required thereafter, for me to do a comprehensive 360-degree Proactive Business Strategy and Strategic Advisory Service of a small business in which they have a vested interest. This much more comprehensive service will identify how the business can survive and also prosper in the tough economic times ahead.

SmallBusinessProsperity.com was formed in early 2022.


Although I am now semi-retired, I am dedicating five hours a day to assisting small business Owners, their Stakeholders, and the potential Buyers/Investors of small businesses, to ensure the business’ survival and prosperity in the extremely tough times ahead.

I realize I can only personally help a handful of clients at any given time. However, I work on the philosophy that “it’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness.”

Initial Assessment Future Proofing Report

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