Future-Proof Your Small Business Now.

A cash flow crunch is coming.

⦿ Inflation will continue to rise.
⦿ Interest rates will rise sharply in an attempt to curb rising inflation.
⦿ Consumer and investment spending will drop substantially.
⦿ Inventories will remain unsold and probably discounted.
⦿ Credit facilities will tighten.
⦿ New credit facilities will be difficult to obtain.

Cash inflows will reduce due to:

⦿ Falling cash-based sales revenue as consumers tighten their belts.
⦿ Falling credit-based sales revenue as interest rates rise sharply.
⦿ Slower debtor payments.
⦿ Rising bad debts.
⦿ Reduced or sterilized investment spending.

Cash outflows will increase due to:

⦿ Higher inflationary costs of acquiring required goods and services.
⦿ Increasing interest costs on borrowings.
⦿ Creditors are becoming more demanding and may require cash payments for future orders.
⦿ Possible part repayment of some debts to reduce Lenders risk profiles

Would you like to Future- Proof your business’ profitability in the tough times ahead?

Topics covered in the section below:

1. Welcome to my tough times “sandbox.”

I have been a successful small business entrepreneur and proactive Strategic Business Advisor for 45 years.

I know all about walking a tightrope every day and sleeping fitfully at night. I also know that ‘happiness is a positive cash flow!’

As an entrepreneur, I have been involved in numerous local and global industries. I have been a Researcher, Forecaster, Global Real Estate Economist, Institutional Strategic Investment Advisor locally and globally, Negotiator, Strategic Business Advisor, Investor, Real Estate Developer, Internet Business Developer, and Author of over 100 investment journals for my client base.

Through proper research and forecasting, I have also been an Opportunistic Investor.

I have advised Government, Institutions, Investors, Developers, Associations, Corporates, Small Business Owners, and High Net Worth Individuals locally and globally.

In 1992, I established Neville Berkowitz Global Associates, with Associates in seventeen countries on five continents, advising Institutional Investors on their global expansion.

2. I have been successful in a persistent low growth, recessionary economic environment and through periods of stagflation

I have fulfilled certain of the above functions globally and all these functions locally.

I have been both an entrepreneur and proactive Strategic Business Advisor for over four and a half decades in a local economy with:

  • A persistent high inflation rate averaging 15% p.a.,
  • interest rates averaging 10.4% p.a.,
  • an unemployment rate of 45%,
  • a low economic growth rate averaging 0.7% p.a.

Overall, these four conditions are the classic definition of stagflation in the local economy in which I have survived and prospered for 45 years.

The forthcoming global recession will have no economic growth or low economic growth, high inflation, high-interest rates, and increasing unemployment.

3. Is the dreaded stagflation a possibility?

The US suffered stagflation through most of the 1970s and was stopped in 1980 by raising interest rates to 20% p.a. A two-year recession followed.

In May 2020, Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary, said, “The economic outlook globally is challenging and uncertain, and higher food prices and energy prices are having a stagflationary effect, namely depressing output, and spending and raising inflation all around the world.”

Also, in May 2022, Former US Federal Chair Ben Bernanke told the New York Times that “inflation is still too high but coming down. So there should be a period in the next year or two where growth is low, unemployment is at least up a little bit, and inflation is still high. You could call that stagflation.”

4. Crises present opportunities for well prepared small businesses

Every crisis provides certain prosperous opportunities, and I learned how to future-proof my business and those of my clients.

I can help you too.

Please visit the Solutions section to see how I can help you survive and prosper in the extremely difficult times ahead. 

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